Monday, 8 August 2011

Summertime at Church Farm Hartham

We are now in mid-summer and at last the weather seems to have improved.
We have enjoyed some really gorgeous hot, sunny days and have been able to sit in the garden and eat al-fresco, which is always a treat.

The men have all been very busy on the farm in the last 2 weeks. All the barley has ripened quickly with the blast of sun and there has been a race to harvest the corn and get the bales made and collected. Thankfully the rain held off just long enough this weekend, to allow them to get everything safely stowed in the barns.
The dairy cows are enjoying freedom out in the fields and feeling the lush grass under their feet. Apart from the inevitable biting insects, they seem to be very content at this time of year.

Roy the collie dog has had a bout of heat stroke - he just does not know when to give in during the hot weather and doesn't have the sense to lie in the shade! Luckily restored today and belting round the pick-up as usual.

There are lots of Gardens open round here, in the National Gardens Scheme and they are lovely to visit for a potter and usually a nice of cup of tea and piece of home-made cake.
Also all the National Trust properties are open for visitors and their gardens are wonderful at this time of year. Try The Courts at Holt, Iford Manor at Bradford on Avon and Dyrham Park at Dodington - all well worth a trip.
The school children are all broken up now and families are having summer holidays. Lacock village is very popular with all ages. Our foreign guests are all fascinated by the old buildings and the unspoilt treasures to be seen there.
Stonehenge and Avebury are also a must if you are visiting Wiltshire. In addition there is the West Kennet Longbarrow and The Sanctuary, next to Silbury Hill. So for all history lovers you should spend a couple of days in the area to visit all the unique sites in this area.

Bath is always busy and is alive with visitors from all over the world. This summer there is a new exhibition in the newly re-furbished Holborne Museum and there are also new collections at the Bath Fashion Museum.. Not to be missed at the American Museum at Claverton is their 50th Anniversary celebration of Hollywood Icons and features Marilyn Monroe's costumes and dresses. So there is plenty to keep visitors entertained.